Bridgeport mother pleads for information on daughter who went missing in 2001

A sad milestone was marked in Bridgeport on Sunday as the mother of a missing child asks for help bringing her home.
Carmelita Torres says her 10-year-old child that went missing on November 7, 2001, would have turned 31 on Sunday. Torres says her daughter was last seen leaving the Elias Howe School in Bridgeport, telling her teacher she was going with her uncle, saying, "I'll be back."  
"She had left with somebody that she said was her uncle — in a van. We didn't know that and that broke my heart more, you know? What did they want with my 10-year-old?" asks Torres.
Now, 21 years later, police say the case has grown cold. But Carmelita says she will never stop loving or looking for Bianca, the third of four children she brought into the world.
The mom says her little girl absolutely loved to dance, and showed News 12 a picture of Bianca dancing with her aunt. "She was dancing with my sister. And can you do the little dance? She was just happy, she would just dance, she didn't care she danced and danced to have fun."
The mom says there is a very good chance that somebody watching this broadcast might know what happened to Bianca. If you can help, call 203-576-TIPS.