Bridgeport music students build lifelong skills at KEYS Music Camp

Bridgeport music students at all levels spent the week building their skills at KEYS Music Camp. KEYS stands for Kids Empowered by Your Support.
Students just finished week two of the four-week program. Some students have played their instruments for years while others picked them up for the first time.
Instructors say they're building music skills and enthusiasm that will last a lifetime. Former campers, who are now paid interns, say they’re happy to pass along what KEYS gave them.
Tiffany Serrano says this summer is preparing her for a career in music education.
"Get myself acquainted with how to go about teaching music to kids, different ages, and different levels,” she said.
During the school year, KEYS programs can be found in 21 schools, giving free lessons to about 500 students.
For more info on all of KEYS' programs, or how you can help click here.