Bridgeport native, actor Michael Jai White visits Curiale School

Bridgeport native and actor Michael Jai White visited the Curiale School on Wednesday to talk to students about his life and career.
White is said to have been one of the first black actors to play a superhero in a major motion picture for his portrayal of “Spawn” in the 1997 film of the same name. For his success, he credits his education.
“Sometimes, unfortunately, the people who prosper from a good education don’t tend to come back. And I think it’s quite necessary to give kids an alternative view sometimes,” White says.
White, 51, has also appeared in such films as “Mortal Kombat” and “The Dark Knight.” He says he is proudest of the action comedy “Black Dynamite,” which he wrote and starred in.
He says the allure of exciting careers like sports and acting is powerful, but should always take a back seat to the top priority of getting an education.