Bridgeport nonprofit Helping Hands Outreach rallies to help mother of 5 with cancer

A Bridgeport nonprofit, Helping Hands Outreach, is heading up an effort to support a local mother of five who is battling an aggressive form of cancer.
Shannon Draper has been fighting bile duct cancer while taking care of her children who range in age from 5 months to 18 years.
"Unfortunately we lost my brother-in-law to brain cancer at the beginning of the year, so any time you hear any type of cancer, and then knowing that kids are involved, you got to do everything you can. You got to make an effort in the community," said Adam Bajko, owner of Chips Family Restaurant in Fairfield.
Shannon's family tells News 12's Frank Recchia that she has been in the hospital for three months but is now on home hospice care and wants to spend every minute she has with family.
While Helping Hands Outreach is trying to get everything from diapers to holiday gifts for the kids, Shannon's family says their GoFundMe is of most importance to them.