Bridgeport parents rally against possible school cuts

Some Bridgeport parents gathered outside Roosevelt School Thursday to protest possible job cuts that could eliminate at least seven positions in the school.
Parents and teachers were initially alerted to the rumors about the cuts while an impromptu meeting was taking place inside the school.
Protesters said they want to know why their school is being targeted. They said they are afraid that if teachers are cut, class sizes will increase, damaging the quality of education.
Bridgeport School Superintendent John Ramos said if the cuts are approved, they could affect three to four city schools. Ramos added, however, that for now the parents are responding to something that has not happened yet.
?Decisions have not been made,? Ramos emphasized. ?We have to make them, and we're in the process of making them.?
According to the superintendent, the talk of possible cuts is based on a high number of controlled transfers in the district this year, causing class sizes to increase in some schools.
Ramos says a decision on the cuts will be made in the next two business days.