Bridgeport Police Internal Affairs report: 2 officers acted improperly during traffic stop

News 12 obtained a report from the Bridgeport Police Department's Office of Internal Affairs that found that two officers acted improperly during a traffic stop in March of last year.
Jermaine Rogers, 48, says he was pulled over on Fairfield Avenue for failing to use a turn signal and driving with a suspended license.
Rogers says he was "manhandled" by one of the officers even though he informed them he had just undergone spinal fusion surgery and could not be cuffed with his hands behind his back.
Rogers says he was cuffed anyway and put in an excruciating amount of pain.
He says even after pleading with officers to remove the cuffs, they did not listen.
Records obtained by News 12 show a Bridgeport Police Department Internal Affairs probe found that two officers involved in the stop "acted improperly."
City officials declined to comment on the report because they say the matter is still under investigation.
Rogers says he was not arrested and the traffic stop accomplished nothing but to make his physical pain worse.
The Internal Affairs report also cleared one of the officers at the scene of any wrongdoing.