Bridgeport police release body cam video after private video of last moments of arrest go viral

Bridgeport police released body cam video Monday in response to another video that showed officers restraining a Black suspect while a crowd protested the way he was being treated.
The person recording the viral video is heard telling police he can see an arm beneath the neck of the man and tells them to stop "choking him."
The Bridgeport Police Department says this video represents the "last" minute of an incident that stretched out over a long period of time.
Body cam video shows both the officer and someone who apparently knows him, repeatedly asking the man to calm down, relax and get into the car.
In another part of the video, the suspect repeatedly says "no" when asked to slide into the car.
Eventually he does get in, but the backseat cam from the squad car shows the suspect kicking the officer repeatedly and apparently trying to ram the officer with his head to get out.
The man eventually tries to get out through the other door - and police say that's when the viral video begins.
At least one of the officers appears to be suffering the effects of mace or pepper spray. Police say the entire incident is under investigation.