Bridgeport pulls about face on feeder barges

Bridgeport officials have changed their minds about a feeder barge service proposal in the city?s east end.
The plan would have brought barges full of freight from New York City into Bridgeport Harbor. The barges would have unloaded the containers, which would then be stored on Seaview Avenue. Tractor-trailers would then pick up the products and continue along I-95. The goal of the plan was to help cut truck traffic on I-95.
Approximately seven years ago, the city fought to have the feeder barge service located in Bridgeport. A few years after that, the city approved a housing plan across the street from the proposed container site. Now, Mayor John Fabrizi feels the container site just isn?t right for the city.
?I don?t think it?s a good fit at all,? Fabrizi said. ?At the time, I was really charged up on the idea.?
The city did an about face amid opposition from neighbors and concerns about pollution.
Fabrizi plans to meet with the Port Authority later this month and says he?s prepared to let the governor and Transportation Strategy Board know Bridgeport is no longer interested.
Another possible location for the feeder barge service is New Haven.