Bridgeport remembers loved ones lost on July 4th

After a deadly Fourth of July in Bridgeport, people are flocking to makeshift memorials to remember those who have died, and one who is hanging on.
Teddy bears and toys have been placed at Bunnell?s Pond where Michelle McIntosh, her son, nephew and a friend?s child died after their van rolled into the water. Police continue to investigate the incident.
A makeshift tribute also sits where a car struck 20-month-old Kayanna Brayboy Wednesday in Bridgeport. Police believe the driver who pinned her between a car and a convenience store may have been drunk. Her family says the little girl is on life support.
That holiday evening, two children lost their lives on Route 110 in Stratford in a car crash. A memorial was later set up along the stretch of highway to remember John Pitera, 9, and his sister Morgan who was going into second grade.
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