Bridgeport Rescue Mission makes emergency appeal for public support to meet demand

The Bridgeport Rescue Mission is asking the public for help to meet the demand for assistance battling food insecurity.
The nonprofit tells News 12 the demand for food has dramatically increased in recent months.
Staff are concerned they will not be able to meet the demand through the new year and during the holidays without more public support.
They say the number of people coming to the new building at Park Avenue has grown exponentially following the pandemic, especially as pandemic-era emergency benefits for families have started to end.
"We just want to help the community. We want to help feed them, we went to help give them resources, we want to help find jobs, be better qualified, so they can be sustainable on their own. We need the help of the community to help us meet the growing demands of food insecurity that's right here in the City of Bridgeport," says Lisa Chester, the nonprofit's director of development.
Chester says the nonprofit's new Center for Homeless Mothers with Children is also filled to capacity.