Bridgeport resident's basement floods with 4 feet of water from Ida

A Bridgeport resident says her mother's Olive Street basement in the Hollow section of the city flooded with 4 feet of water during the height of Ida.
Maria Caban says her mother is a senior citizen awaiting Section 8 voucher authorization, and that she was forced to stay inside her home while the storm flooded the family's basement.
"She's 65 years old, like, this is too much for her,” says the victim’s daughter. “Everything is destroyed.”
Caban says her mother and her son were pumping water out of the basement since 4 a.m. Thursday.
The water was so intense that Caban says their washing machine and other appliances were floating in the basement.
Cars nearby were stuck in floodwaters and had to be towed away one vehicle at a time.
Meantime, Black Rock workers have traveled from New Jersey to help deal with flood damage at one of several properties.
Sump pumps have been running for hours to begin the long process of draining out basements.