Bridgeport sees growing number of write-in candidates for City Council

As Election Day quickly approaches, Bridgeport is seeing a growing number of write-in-candidates this year.
Samaris Rose, 39, went door to door Wednesday in the 131st District where she is one of at least six people running as write-in candidates for City Council.
She says in the past, write-in campaigns were seen "pretty much as a joke" with the candidates having no real chance of winning.
But she says after mayoral candidate Marilyn Moore waged a highly effective campaign two years ago, the viability of write-in efforts became a point of focus, with many candidates now convinced they can get a seat at the table by persuading voters to fill in a bubble — all without any of "the baggage" that comes with being a party-endorsed candidate for public office.
Experts say write-in candidates do have a realistic chance at pulling off victories.
Among the write-in candidates is incumbent Eneida (Anita) Martinez in the 137th district, who lost in the primary.