Bridgeport selected for $890M offshore wind project

The state has picked Bridgeport to be a major staging area for an $890 million wind turbine project.
Barnum Landing will be the home to an 18-acre construction facility operated by Vinyard Wind.
A separate maintenance facility will operate for another 25 years.
Vineyard Wind was selected to provide almost half of Connecticut's wind power by the year 2030.
CEO of Vinyard Wind Lars Pedersen says they expect construction to being in 2021 with two facilities up and running about two years later.
Pedersen expects to hire "hundreds of people," in the initial construction phase, with approximately 100 full-time workers after the construction phase. 
The jobs will include both skilled and unskilled labors and a wide range of salaries. 
Pedersen says the project will be completely privately funded with no state assistance.