Bridgeport senior thanks News 12 for helping get her hearing aid refunded

A Bridgeport senior is thanking News 12 Connecticut for helping her get a refund after a local company sold her a hearing aid she didn't want.
Luz Takacs says she is deeply grateful after News 12 Connecticut helped save her $3,000.
Takacs says a local dealer for a national hearing aid company used high-pressure tactics to sell her a $3,000 device that didn't work well.
News 12 Connecticut reported the case to Sen. Richard Blumenthal and a short time later, the company gave Takacs a full refund.
Blumenthal singled the grandmother out today for being a whistle blower who warned other potential customers about what he calls, "high-sales tactics in the hearing aid industry that too often target seniors who are unlikely to stand up for themselves, then get stuck with products they don't want."
Takacs' niece says the family never expected to get the money back.
"I just feel real happy how this ended up and I really want to thank News 12, how much they helped us with this, it feels great and I just feel grateful," says Naomi Ponce.