Bridgeport shooting spurs lockdown at nearby schools

A shooting Friday prompted a lockdown at several Bridgeport schools, officials say.
Officials descended on Wessels Avenue Friday morning after shots were fired into a home. Those who live there say no one inside was hit, but do not know who targeted them and why.
Police scoured the neighborhood, but did not find a gunman. They say there is surveillance video of the incident, which they are working to obtain.
Police say it is too early to say for sure, but the case could be related to a shooting in Stratford that happened Thursday night, which left a man critically injured.
School officials confirmed Bullard-Havens was among the area schools placed on lockdown. 
The incident left neighbors shaken up.
"I'm just grateful the bullet wasn't coming to my house because I've got daughters in there, too, and my grandson. You know, a loose bullet could kill someone," says Luis Rodriguez, who lives next door.