Bridgeport to fine gas stations for selling fuel to ATVs

Bridgeport officials promised to crackdown on dirt bikes by targeting the gas stations that sell them fuel.
Officials say any gas station that sells fuel to someone riding an off-road vehicle will be fined $250.
There's already an ordinance on the books fining people who operate an ATV, dirt bike or mini-scooter in public areas within the city limits.
"The No. 1 call I get for most of the year from my constituents is these out-of-control ATV and dirt bike riders who evidently don't care about their own safety and definitely don't care about the safety of others,” says Bridgeport City Council member MAria Pereira
Council member Marcus Brown adds, “What we wanted to do is try to create a next step as to how we can help assist our police department with enforcing the rules of the road."
Off-road vehicles that are securely latched to trailers can still be gassed up legally.
The ordinance goes into effect in 30 days.