Bridgeport urgently needs nurses to aid in vaccinating public

Health officials in Bridgeport are facing a challenge to find more nurses to help with the mass vaccination effort.
Bridgeport Personnel Director Eric Amado says the city is advertising to fill contract nursing positions that will be paid for with state funding.
"These roles are immensely vital to the continued protection, assistance of our children, our school children, our families, and the most at-risk population."
Julia Spencer Lopes is a nursing manager for an urban health care center. Spencer Lopes says it's hard to find registered nurses.
"There's that level of unsafety and so when that happens you have to think about is this good for me and if it's not you have to walk away, and there goes that shortage," says Spencer Lopes.
Spencer Lopes says she's going to help spread the word within the health care community.