Bridgeport Venezuelans scared for family's safety amid country's crisis

Venezuelans in Bridgeport are frightened for their family as crisis continues to unfold in their homeland.
Clodomiro Falcon, 61, says his parents have been unable to get the medication they need in Venezuela.
The Bridgeport businessman says he has frequently been on the phone with his parents and other relatives as they try to manage the political and socioeconomic crisis resulting from the presidency of Nicholas Maduro.
"These days, well, I am really sad, really worried and it's something is not getting better," Falcon said.  "It's something that is getting worse and worse and worse and worse."
The U.S. State Department has reported pervasive hunger and critical shortages of food, medication and other essential goods.
Falcon says some of his relatives have been kidnapped and suffered violent aggression  in Venezuela.
Immigration attorney Alex Meyerovich of Bridgeport says many of his Venezuelan clients are seeking asylum because they don't want to go back to a place where their loved ones are dying.
"I had a gentleman who cried in my office because his 2-year-old child passed away from a basic illness, pneumonia, because the father could not secure medication,"  Meyerovich said.
Falcon says he has "faith that Venezuela will be liberated from this dark era."
St. Charles Borromeo Church also has a large Venezuelan community and members tell News 12 they are working on a relief effort in the South American country.