Bridgeport woman claims she lost $8K in real estate transaction

A Bridgeport woman says she lost thousands of dollars in a real estate transaction and almost became homeless as a result.
Maureen Williams, 53, says she is still reeling after the recent death of her son, 22-year-old Richard McDonald. She says her son was fatally shot on July 4 at the Green Homes Apartment in Bridgeport.
Compounding her troubles, Williams says she lost more than $8,000 when a recent home purchase went wrong.
She says she gave her real estate agent a check for the down payment, but on the day of the closing, she says the house was still occupied and in general disarray in violation the purchase agreement.
Williams ended up backing out of the deal, but says the seller will not relinquish her $8,000, saying she violated the "time is of the essence" clause in her contract.
But Williams says it's the seller who violated the agreement first, thereby nullifying her requirement to then fulfill its terms.  
Williams met Sunday with state and local leaders to see if they could help her.
"If someone is purposefully keeping money that belongs to her, really has to be remedied because she deserves justice,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
 Sen. Dennis Bradley said they are going to stand by Williams to make sure that whatever wrongs have been committed are rectified.

Whatever the outcome, Blumenthal says that homebuyers should read every word of their contract and make sure both parties are abiding by its terms.
Blumenthal urges consumers to insist on their rights and call authorities when they feel they've been wronged.