Norwalk businessman offers pro-bono work to family facing foreclosure

A News 12 Connecticut report back in January has generated public support for Lois Patrick and her family in their effort to save their home.

News 12 Staff

May 23, 2021, 4:47 PM

Updated 1,094 days ago


A News 12 viewer is stepping up to help a Bridgeport woman facing foreclosure after seeing her story on News 12.
Lois Patrick, 47, says she can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Her mother, who passed away three years ago, left her family her home. However, she didn't tell the family she owed $30,000 in back property taxes.
Lois and her husband say they worked night and day to pay $42,000 of a $70,000 grand total resulting from high interest and attorney fees. But they weren't prepared for the complicated legal web that had developed because of their tax lien being sold by the city to a third party, which led to the property being auctioned out from beneath them at below market value.
Norwalk businessman Andy DiLoreto decided to hire attorney Benita Lee to fight the case in court at no charge to Patrick.
"It just seems to me that something like this should never happen to anyone, and I just thought that someone has to step up," DiLoreto said.
State Sen. Dennis Bradley says he's now drafting legislation to be called Lois' Law "to stop this common predatory practice targeting seniors and people of color."
"I feel grateful," Patrick said. "I prayed and a prayer was answered."
Patrick still must fight the case in court, but Sen. Richard Blumenthal says she now at least has a fighting chance to save the home.
"News 12 and Frank Recchia sounded the alert on Lois' plight and they mobilized Andy, Benita, State Sen. Bradley to come to her aid, but also to reform the practices and laws that effect so many homeowners," Sen. Blumenthal said.
State Sen. Bradley says if enacted, Lois' Law would give hardworking homeowners like Lois "an off-ramp" so they wouldn't get stuck in a cycle of paying high interest rates and attorneys' fees that often double the original tax debt.

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