Bridgeport woman recalls incident where she was exposed to fentanyl, almost died

Medical documents obtained by News 12 say Maria Carrasquillo passed out after suffering "unintentional poisoning by fentanyl."

News 12 Staff

Jun 9, 2023, 9:56 PM

Updated 353 days ago


Maria Carrasquillo, 55, says she is lucky to be alive one week after an accidental exposure of fentanyl in Building five at the Greene Homes Apartments where she lives.
Medical documents obtained by News 12 say Carrasquillo passed out after suffering "unintentional poisoning by fentanyl."
Carrasquillo says it happened in a corridor outside her apartment when someone she knows handed her a pair of pants they were trying to sell her, which Carrasquillo then held to her face to smell. She says that is the last thing she remembers before passing out.
Officials say the person took money out of Carrasquillo's purse while she was unconscious and stuffed the pants into the purse.
They say the pants were later tested at the hospital and found to contain traces of fentanyl.
Officials say Bridgeport firefighters rushed to the complex after getting a 911 call, thanks to Carrasquillo's 4-year-old granddaughter Sariyah, who she says witnessed the incident and got an adult to call for help.
"The true hero here is her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is the one who was able to get 911 here," said Chief Lance Edwards.
City officials visited Carrasquillo Friday so she could thank members of the Ladder Company who helped to save her life, including firefighter Giancarlos Aristy, who they say gave Carrasquillo Narcan, among other lifesaving measures, and restored her breathing.
"Those were the first words I heard from him, 'I got her back,'" Carrasquillo recalled. "He was an angel. He had a beautiful smile like an angel, and I looked at him and I said I will never forget your face."
Carrasquillo says she lost partial vision in one eye as a result of the incident.

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