Bridgeport woman says she's been overtaxed on home for 17 years

A Bridgeport woman says she has been overtaxed on her house for 17 years and the city won't give her a refund.
Andrea Lindo-Green and her husband bought a two-family home in 2000, but say it's been wrongly listed on the tax rolls as a three-family house, which means they've been overpaying their property taxes for almost two decades.
Lindo-Green says the city owes her about $17,000, but says the tax office is refusing to fork over the money.
"My husband and I work hard for our money and even though we don't make a lot of money, we want to live the American Dream," Lindo-Green says. "And at the same time, they're stealing from us? That is not right. It's not right."
News 12 Connecticut spoke to Mayor Joe Ganim who has promised to investigate immediately and get to the bottom of this problem.
"Part of my job is to try and help get to the bottom of this and that's what we'll do -- so we'll see what we can figure out and rectify this," says Ganim.
Ganim says he hopes to have some answers early next week.