Bridgeport woman wakes from a coma to learn medical benefits were canceled

A Bridgeport woman says she is losing her medical benefits after coming out of a coma that lasted four months.
Sheila Ortiz, 37, told News 12 her doctors told her it's a miracle she survived after a car crash on I-95 left her car flipped over on the roadway.
Ortiz, a single mother of two children, says she found out her medical benefits had been canceled because she had failed to do the requalification paperwork, even though she was in a coma during that period.
"I don't even have, you know, a CNA that comes into my home and helps me walk or exercise or anything," she said. "I have nothing."
Ortiz says she immediately took action action by filling out the forms, but her medical benefits have still not been reinstated.  
"What else do you do when you have proof?" she added. "You've mailed in documentation, you've gotten every piece of paper from the hospital that you can get."
Officials tell News 12 they are looking into Ortiz's case.