Bridgeport zoning officials vote against controversial apartment complex

The Bridgeport Zoning Appeals board on Thursday voted against a local developer who wanted them to overturn the city's decision to revoke his building permit for a controversial apartment complex in the North End.
Bridgeport residents, who oppose plans to build a four-story apartment complex are claiming a big win tonight.
Officials heard from attorneys on both sides on whether the complex should be built on the lot where the Testo's Restaurant was located, on Madison Avenue.
News 12 heard from the City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron, co-leader of the opposition effort, who said the project was out of character with the neighborhood.
“The bottom line is the community doesn’t want 177 units built here. We want this community to continue to look like this,” said Herron.
Three months after the city revoked the developer's permit, The Bridgeport Zoning Appeals Board decided to uphold the revocation.
"The residents are happy, they're coming out smiling, they're congratulating each other, they're congratulating us and we're excited," said Herron.
News 12 spoke with developer Amit Lakhotia, who said he took steps to move forward in good faith after initially getting the green light.
“The building permit was issued, I paid the fees, whatever they were. How can they just take it away from us,” said Lakhotia.
The developer and his attorney vowing to fight on by appealing to Bridgeport Superior Court.