Broadway Week! Here’s what you need to know to score two for one ticket deals

Twice a year, many Broadway shows offer two for one ticket deals in what is known as Broadway Week, though the period may well stretch longer than a mere seven days. 
From Sept. 6 to Sept. 25, more than 20 plays and musicals are offering a two for the price of one ticket deal. 
"We always do Broadway Week twice a year and we do it when the theaters are able to offer their best seats for a great price," says Charlotte St. Martin.
She is president of The Broadway League, the trade association of Broadway theater owners and producers.  
The ticket offer corresponds with times of the year when New York City tourism tends to drop -- after Labor Day and also following New Year’s. 
Broadway is currently raising the curtain on more than a dozen new plays and musicals which will open this fall. 
You can find ticket information HERE.