Bronx abuse victims hear help loud and clear

Bronx domestic violence victims got a little more help Tuesday when Verizon Wireless handed over a $2,500 check to the city to assist the women.
Verizon Wireless runs a program called HopeLine, which sells recycled cell phones to fund donations to such programs.The company also assists women by supplying them with recycled, pre-paid cell phones. Advocates say it's important for abuse victims to feel they have somewhere to turn for help.The city is also currently working to open a Family Justice Center in the Bronx. The center would house resources for women under one roof.
Anyone who wants to donate used cell phones can drop them off at any Verizon Wireless store.
For video of a HopeLine event at a Co-op City store, go to channel 612 on your digital iO cable box and select iO Extra.
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