Bronx activist tossed out of Olympic Torch run

A South Bronx activist booted out of the Olympic Torch relay in San Francisco hopes her action helps fellow Bronx residents start thinking globally.
Torch bearer Majora Carter pulled out a hidden Tibetan flag during her run Thursday. The flag was ripped out Carter's hand and she was pushed into the crowd by Chinese and American police during the stunt.
"I knew we owed China a lot of money as a country, but I didn't know they could push us around on our own soil," says Carter.
Carter signed a code of conduct before the run however, promising she would not outwardly display any political signs or unauthorized accessories. According to the agreement, her participation would be terminated if she did not comply. Carter stands by her actions and defiance.
"What I signed doesn't override my right to free speech," she says.
Carter had been selected by Coca-Cola to carry the torch. The company says it's unfortunate that she used the invitation as a platform for a personal political statement.