Bronx day care still awaits air conditioning

Conditions at a Bronx day care center, where parents complained about a lack of air conditioning last month, have not improved.
For the past two years, the Primary Foundation Educational Center has battled many heat waves with no air conditioning. Teachers at the center, located at 2045 Story Ave., say children with asthma have been hospitalized as a result.
"When they get hot, it's hard to deal with them, because they're all over the place - they start crying," says Janiel Reynolds, a teacher at the center.
Most activities at the center have been moved outdoors, but teachers say that has come at the risk of hurting the children's education.
Relief, however, is expected to arrive soon. Employees of the center say management has long been reluctant to grant permission for air conditioners to be installed, but recently has been more cooperative. Contractors are scheduled to put them in Saturday, they say.
The director of the center, Catherine Hill, says she is holding off on telling the kids about the air conditioners until they arrive.
Stellar Management declined comment to News 12 The Bronx about the day care.