Bronx man allegedly slashes common-law wife's throat

A man allegedly slashed his common-law wife's throat in their Mount Eden home before turning the knife on himself, according to authorities.
Police say Will Vega, 30, cut 30-year-old Yesmin Reyes' throat early Saturday morning in their Grand Concourse apartment then unsuccessfully tried to kill himself.
A police source told News 12 The Bronx Reyes was holding the couple's 1-year-old boy in her arms at the time of the attack, according to one of the couple's twin teenage daughters.
Vega is in critical condition at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center. Police have not charged him.
Neighbors said the couple had been together since 13, but longtime friend Ilde Flores said Vega was abusive in the past. Friends created a makeshift memorial made up of three candles at Reyes' apartment door Sunday.