Bronx man pleads not guilty in double murder

A Bronx man charged with the double murder of a mother and daughter was arraigned at the Bronx County Hall of Justice Tuesday.
Camor Harding, 20, pleaded not guilty in the fatal stabbings of 25-year-old Yolande Beckford and her 6-year-old daughter, Monique, in their Wakefield apartment back in December. Harding is also charged with criminal possession of a weapon.
Harding told police he stabbed Yolande in the face in self-defense after she tried to attack him with a knife during an argument. According to police reports, Harding said that he then accidentally stabbed her daughter in the throat when the 6-year-old came to the defense of her mother.
Lawyers on both sides said it could take up to two years before the case goes to trial. The next court date is April 4, when the court will examine police reports and forensic evidence.