Bronx senior center directors want NYCHA to make necessary repairs

Some city-run Bronx senior centers are in bad shape, and directors are calling for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to make the necessary repairs.
Davidson Senior Center director Vanessa Rivera says the facility is infested with cockroaches, hasn?t been painted in 14 years and rarely has hot water. Rivera adds that the moldy ceiling tiles are in violation of the city?s health code. She hopes that she won?t be forced to shut down because the NYCHA takes weeks to make repairs.
Councilman James Vacca, the chairman for the sub-committee on senior centers, says the city needs to accept responsibility for its 42 senior centers. Center directors and Vacca would like to see NYCHA provide a better liaison to handle complaints and make sure problems are resolved. NYCHA officials say they only respond to maintenance requests through the Department for the Aging.