Bronx tenants bring rent protest to Manhattan

A group of Bronx tenants rallied Tuesday against rent hikes they say are happening through a housing law loophole.
The protesters gathered outside the Chrysler Building in Manhattan in hopes Ramius Capital Group Urban American will stop raising rents on their stabilized apartments.
The Eastchester Heights tenants say RCG Urban American raised rents due to improvements being made in the building, which is legal under current housing laws.
Tenant Dave Burrell says the company has accused residents of not paying rent, so some were forced to go to housing court to prove they had paid.
Housing advocates say such tactics are being used to harass the tenants and force them out of the building. They are calling for a change in housing laws to close loopholes.
RCG Urban sold the building property in the spring. A company spokesperson says the company has an excellent track record in improving their properties and that the tenants? records were properly handed over to the new owner.