Bronx woman says heat intolerable in her apartment

A Bronx woman says the heat in her apartment is unbearable and that she has received no help from the city.
Maria Robledo, who lives at 370 Morris Ave., says that after two complaints she made this month inspectors from the New York City Housing Authority visited her apartment.
Robledo says that on Oct. 10 the two inspectors, a woman and a man, arrived at her apartment. She says the female inspector became agitated during the course of the inspection and stormed out before a conclusion was drawn about the apartment's excessive heat.
"I was talking to my mother, letting her know what's going on in the apartment ? and [the inspector] thought I cursed her out in Spanish," Robledo says.
A spokesperson for the NYCHA says that after Robledo's complaint the agency began repairing a zone value they say is the cause of the excessive heat.
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