Bronxites in the dark about Clark Playground

On the hot summer days when there are few safe places to play outside, Mott Haven kids just want the Clark Playground to open.
But years after renovations on the park began, it?s not ready yet, neighbors say.
?It should be open for these kids now that they are out of school. They [have to] play in the streets and the sidewalk,? says Yomari Cruz, who lives across from Clark Playground. Cruz?s young son and niece have to play on the sidewalk.
?A lot of kids around the block want to go into it, but they can?t because it?s closed,? says Nicole Vazquez, Cruz?s niece.
The closure forces some people to find other ways to enjoy the summer weather.
?We go to the beach a lot, but sometimes you don?t want to travel. Gas is high and you want to go somewhere local that?s clean that [the kids] can play in, but that?s not happening,? says Brigitte Charlton, a neighbor near the park.
City officials say Clark Playground definitely will open before the Mott Haven kids go back to school.