Bronx's 49th Precinct cracks down on double parking

The 49th Precinct in the Bronx has begun cracking down on double parking along busy White Plains Road.
Shoppers and merchants alike complain there are too many cars and not enough spaces. Many test their luck, flip on their hazards and dart into a store. However, a new crackdown by the NYPD could cost those drivers a trip to the impound.
Some shop owners are worried the increased police presence will scare away customers. Many blame livery cabs for taking up valuable space in front of shops. However, BID Executive Direct Larry Prospect says the merchants are to blame as well. He says many store owners park outside their own shops and pump money into the meter all day.
The NYPD says the crackdown is necessary because double parking can cause accidents. Prospect says he has talked to officials in the NYPD and Taxi and Limousine Commission about the livery cab issue. He hopes the police crackdown will relocate cabs so customers can take advantage of parking spots.