Brother of Stamford man killed 5 years ago 'satisfied' alleged killer has been caught

Police have arrested a man believed to be responsible for the killing of a Stamford man five years ago.
Shardel Ragin is accused of waiting in his car and firing his gun at Max Antoine and another man as they left a restaurant back in 2017. The motive, detectives say, was possibly another shooting.
Wilner Joseph, Antoine's brother, has spent this time making sure his brother wasn't forgotten, advocating against violence through fashion and sports. When the news came Antoine's accused killer had been arrested, Joseph hired a DJ so friends and family could come together at a mural painted in his brother's memory.
In the years that elapsed, Antoine's brother went to great lengths to remind people of the case and fight gun violence. Joseph started a fashion line and organized basketball tournaments all while speaking out against bloodshed.
"It's really tough, it hasn't hit me yet," said Joseph. "I'm holding back my tears as we speak, but I am really blessed and satisfied."
Joseph said while he was struggling with his brother's death, he eventually found grace.
"I think what brought me peace in life - I forgave him," said Joseph. "I forgave him and that's what brought me peace, where I stand strong today."
Ragin is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday morning.
Ragin has three other charges from 2018 that he pleaded not guilty to - manslaughter, criminal possession of a firearm and carrying a pistol without a permit.
At the time of his arrest, he was out on bond for the alleged 2018 killing.
His bond is set at $3 million.