Bull's Head Diner in Stamford abruptly closes following loss of lease agreement

It's longtime Stamford resident Jim Berry's usual at Bull's Head Diner before he heads to work. But the doors are now closed, and it appears the restaurant will not reopen.

News 12 Staff

May 10, 2021, 4:51 PM

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Bacon, egg and cheese with home fries right on the sandwich. It's longtime Stamford resident Jim Berry's usual at Bull's Head Diner before he heads to work. But the doors are now closed, and it appears the restaurant will not reopen.
Patrons were greeted today by a sign on the door that reads in part: "It has been our pleasure to serve you over the last 25 years. Unfortunately, today is the last day we are able to do that as we have lost our lease after much negotiation."
A handful of customers including Berry were seen getting turned away this morning.
A worker eventually came out to lock the front door.
"I knew the people, it's a friendly kind of feel, welcoming, and it's all shocking and sad," Berry says.
A staple at High Ridge and Long Ridge roads for more than two decades, Berry says Bull's Head Diner battled through the pandemic by staying open and complying with safety protocols.
Workers are now left with only memories of the customers they served,  saying those memories will live on as they clean out the diner.
Owners of the diner released a statement saying, --"The Bulls Head Diner was opened in 1992 by our father Dimitrios Kitsios.
It has been a family operated and run establishment that catered to the community as well as employing almost 40 people. 
We watched our customer’s grow up and have children of their own and it has been our pleasure to be a part of many memories.
COVID literally brought the restaurant industry to a halt.
For almost 3 month we were only able to do take out or delivery which was 20% of our previous income. 
We tried to work something out with the landlord to no avail so we filed for bankruptcy which was approved in July of 2020. 
COVID later took the life of our founder Dimitrios  Kitsios on January 19, 2021.
He was a healthy 84 year old vital man with no preexisting conditions. 
The landlord offered his condolences and 4 days later sent eviction papers. 
He tried to get other renters but with a $25,000 ask that increases 4% yearly no one was interested so he returned to us and said we could work something out but as negotiations continued it was not feasible. He wanted what he wanted and no restaurant can make it with that rent, minimum wage increases and the rising food costs. 
With great sadness May 9, 2021 was the end of the Bulls Head Diners run after 30 years.  
We would like to thank everyone for your patronage and continued support and offer our heart felt goodbyes."

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