Buster's Barber Bus gives clients relaxing, safe way to get a haircut

A veteran barber is riding around the city and pulling up at residents' homes to give them a haircut.
Buster's Barber Bus has been going across the boroughs since July to give people a safe and relaxing way to feel like they're at the barbershop.
Kieverette Excel Garner has already given a haircut to around 200 people in the bus.
He says the bus is a great way to serve his customers at a time when they really need it.
"They won't be feeling good about themselves and I'll give them a cut, and they walk out the shop feeling great, looking great," Garner says. "And it's always a wonderful thing."
The veteran barber says he hopes to continue the service that has been a great time for him and his clients during these times.