Bystander injured in spray of bullets in Stamford

An early morning blast of bullets from four different gunmen sent a bystander to the hospital and nearly injured others.
Police say the shots rang out after 2 a.m. Saturday on Fairfield Avenue. Witnesses say they heard between 15 and 20 gunshots.
One man narrowly avoided death when a bullet flew above him as he was sleeping in his bed.
Lt. Nick Montagnese said a car full of males pulled into the area and shot at another male. Stamford police say they haven?t seen such violence in months.
An 18-year-old female bystander was sitting outside when a bullet hit her. Police say they?re amazed there weren?t more injuries given the number of bullets and people who were in their homes.
Police are looking for the four shooters and say the shooting could possibly be gang-related.