Caught on camera: Bridgeport PD asks public to help ID man accused of illegal dumping

Bridgeport police are asking the public for help identifying a man caught on video illegally dumping debris at the Thomas Merton Center.
Bill Colson is the executive director of the Thomas Merton Center, where the dumping took place. He says they serve about 100,000 meals a year.
"I grew up in the projects in the 60s and 70s and 80s, and I know how hard we worked to keep our area clean and what people would say about the projects, you know," said Colson.
Colson was shocked to find out two men in a pickup truck dumped what appeared to be construction debris onto his property.
The men were caught on camera in broad daylight by a neighbor who recorded the illegal dumping on video.
"It upsets me because It makes our city look bad," said Colson.
He says the crime was immediately reported to the Bridgeport Police.
"Be responsible and take your trash to where it's supposed to go. You know Bridgeport's not your dumping ground," said Colson.
Colson said every dollar diverted from the Merton Center's mission takes away from feeding those in need.
"I don't have the money to pay extra funds to have this illegal stuff removed, which we had to do," said Colson.
As police investigate, Colson says he hopes the man seen in the video will come forward.
"Pay a fine, do some volunteer work or anything to redeem yourself -- but don't dump here in the City of Bridgeport," said Colson.
Police are asking the public to call 203-576-TIPS with any helpful information.