Caught on camera: Car rams Bridgeport family's vehicles; woman claims ongoing harassment

A Bridgeport woman told News 12 Connecticut on Sunday that she is being terrorized by a man who rammed his car into her vehicle and has continued to harass her.
Liz Munoz said six weeks ago, she asked a man who was parked across the street from her Capitol Avenue home to stop revving his vehicle's engine because it was disturbing her family.
Munoz said the man then began to terrorize her.
"The gentleman was kicked off our property earlier in the daytime, and then a few hours later he came and just side-swiped through here, broke off the mirror, side-swiped through here and took out our whole bumper," Munoz said while showing the damage to her vehicle.
Over the last month and a half, Munoz said he did the exact same thing to six other vehicles owned by close family members that were each parked in the same area. Munoz said it caused thousands of dollars in damage and sent the family's car insurance premiums skyrocketing. Munoz said the whole experience has left her and her family reeling.
"I have to live in fear that this guy knows where I live. I know nothing about him and now he's physically attacking our vehicles. What is he going to do next?" she asked.
"This is a consistent problem. She's living in fear. Her family's living in fear," said City Council Member Jeanette Herron. She added that she is working with Bridgeport police to figure out what can be done going forward.
"We have such an influx of loitering and people that are displaced and I think that's what's making these situations occur," Herron added.
"When we called, the police basically they told us that they couldn't arrest him because our camera wasn't clear enough to visually put him inside the vehicle," Munoz said.
At one point, however, she said police did put the man in cuffs and drove him away from the area. Yet she said the harassment has continued unabated.
Police told News 12 Connecticut the case is still under investigation, and they were not yet ready to comment.
"I've also contacted Chief Porter this morning, sent him all the police reports…and I asked him to look into it," Herron said.
While she does not feel the police are doing enough, Munoz hopes telling her story will help her get justice.