CDC meets to discuss who else may be eligible for third COVID-19 vaccine dose

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention met on Monday about the issue of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots and who may be eligible to get one.
The CDC laid out the need for a booster for some people. This came after the Food and Drug Administration approved the third shot for emergency use for immunocompromised individuals.
It was recommended that the eligible group gets their third shot eight months after receiving the second dose.
Now there's now talk of opening up availability to those 65 and older, just six months after the second dose.
Nurse practitioner Amber Vitale says this would be ideal because that age group typically has weaker immune systems compared to younger people.
“It would make sense for people who are 65 and older— they would probably need a booster sooner than the 8 months that's recommended,” she says.
Some officials have pointed to a drop in effectiveness of vaccine against infection, but health officials say it could be due to waning over time and the introduction of the delta variant.