‘Celebration of life.’ Open-heart surgery patients reunite with Stamford doctor

Former patients returned to Stamford Health on Saturday for the fifth annual Open-Heart Reunion.
Everyone who attended had undergone open-heart surgery, with the majority being patients of Dr. Michael Coady.
"I think it's an amazing experience to see them back and healthy, and this is a celebration of life," said Dr. Coady.
Elayne Jassey had open-heart surgery two years ago and said she feels extremely fortunate.
"I don't know if you can say open-heart surgery was a wonderful experience, but it was," said Jassey.
Erik Findeisen marked one-year post-op from triple bypass surgery in January.
"It's a life-changing event both physically and emotionally. With the help of Dr. Coady and the staff at Stamford Hospital, I was able to get through it without major issues," said Findeisen.
Dr. Coady was touched by the lives he had saved and the community that had formed because of his work.
"I don't take life lightly. Every day I wake up is a blessing, and I think everyone here knows that feeling," said Findeisen.
The patients said they hope to make it to many more reunions to come, all thanks to Dr. Coady.