Changes at Crotona Pool make parents feel safe

Parents are feeling a lot better about taking their kids to Crotona Pool to escape the summer heat now that the area has shed its violent reputation.
Crotona Pool and the surrounding area used to often be the center of gang-related violence and other crimes. ?My parents used to be afraid of the area. There used to be a lot of violence here,? Edwin Silvestre says. Now, Silvestre brings his own kids to Crotona Pool.
Silvestre and other pool guests say the amount of staff at the pool makes them feel like they can turn their backs and know their kids will be safe. The pool has also added cameras overlooking the area, lifeguards at every corner and security guards walking around poolside. Police officers parked outside also monitor the area.
Employees also feel safe in the area. ?It?s the safest place I?ve ever worked,? OASIS Swimming Director Shanae Briggs says. ?The lifeguards are friendly, the staff are so nice, they?re very careful.?
Pool administrators say that at any given time, there are six to eight security guards patrolling the pool.