Charity golf tournament to benefit Bridgeport's Hall Neighborhood House

Proceeds from an annual charity golf tournament will go toward Bridgeport's Hall Neighborhood House this year.
The Harry Michael Ryder Cup was set up by Fairfield businessman Tom Reilly to honor his foster brother, who had suffered burns over 90% of his body at just 3 years old.
Ryder’s remarkable story of courage and character captivated the nation is 1977 when it was featured on the CBS Evening News.
Reilly says Ryder  had no living biological family in his life, but was very lucky to have a remarkable foster family who filled his world with love and support up until his death at the age of 30 in 1999.
Ryder's foster brother is keeping his memory alive through a legacy of service, he says, by helping to make sure kids at places like Hall Neighborhood House have every chance in life to find their own path to success.
Hall Neighborhood House’s executive director Bob Dzurenda says Reilly is helping everyone from children to seniors.
For more information about the Harry Michael Ryder Cup, click here.