Charity truck filled with donated coats and clothing stolen in Bridgeport

A box truck loaded with donations for families was stolen and the brazen theft was caught on camera.
The family that runs the charity Save Our Babies says their donation drive was going so well. Their truck was stuffed with brand new coats and clothing for people in need of them.
Security video shows two people breaking into the parking lot behind Warren Street Plaza.
The white box truck had more than $6,000 worth of new apparel, mostly for boys and men, donated from Walmart.
Save Our Babies has been collecting new coats and is planning to hand them out on Nov. 6.
While not everything they have collected is gone, the loss is a major setback.
Organizers hope someone will find that truck, ideally with the clothing still inside. They are also hoping people will donate additional coats to make up for the ones that were stolen.