Chef's Quick Tip: Calibrating a thermometer

This week, Chef Bill Hall of Roasted in Stamford, shows Tina Redwine how to calibrating a thermometer.
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Calibrating a thermometer
Chef Bill Hall says he uses 'Taylor' brand thermometers. He says they last forever and start at $10. There are two ways to make sure your thermometer is accurate, Hall says.
First, place the stem in ice water. It should read 32 degrees. Then place the stem in boiling water. It should read 212 degrees.
If your thermometer is not reading the correct temperature, Hall says you will have to calibrate it. The back of your thermometer has a nut attached to it. This fits into the lock which is on the stem case of your thermometer. Simply lock it in place. Place the stem in ice water and turn the face of the thermometer so the needle is pointing to 32. This step can also be done in boiling water. You would turn the dial so the needle reads 212.
That’s it. Your thermometer is now calibrated.
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