Chef's Quick Tips: Butter poached lobsters

This week, chef Chef Julio Genao of Prime in Stamford shows Tina Redwine how to make decadent and savory seafood and beef dishes.  
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Butter poached lobsters          

•    1    ea  Lobster, 1 ¼ lb
•    2    cups Poaching Butter 
1.    Blanch the lobster in salted water for 6 minutes, strain the water out and transfer the lobster to an ice water bath to stop the cooking. At this point the tail meat should be about 60% cooked through. 
2.    Remove the lobster meat from the claws and knuckles and cut the tails in half.
3.    Leave the tails in its shell and rinse the tails under cold water in order to clean well.
4.    Pull the lobster out of the refrigerator 10 to 15 minutes prior to cooking in order to bring to room temperature. 
5.    In a sauce pot, pour the poaching liquid and bring to a simmer over medium heat stirring constantly. Once the butter is hot lower the heat.
6.    With the heat on low, add the lobster and cover in the butter stirring occasionally to make sure the lobster meat is being cooked evenly. Cook the lobster until the meat is opaque about 5 minutes. 
7.    Pull the lobster meat out of the shell, transfer to a plate and spoon some of the poaching butter over the lobster.

Poaching Butter liquid
1     lb Butter, salted, cubed
½      cup Water
1.    In a sauce pot bring the water to a simmer over medium-high heat, add the butter slowly while whisking rapidly to emulsify until all the butter has been incorporated. 
2.    Once all of the butter has been incorporated pull the melted butter off the heat, keep warm and reserve until ready to use.
Chef Julio Genao
Prime Stamford