Chef's Quick Tips: French sponge cake

Pastry Chef Adrianna Robles of Isabelle Et Vincent in Fairfield shows Tina Redwine how to make classic French pastries and desserts. 
French sponge cake
Yield: 1 Eight Inch Cake
180g Egg Whites
98g Sugar
120g Egg Yolks
98g Sugar
2 tablespoons Vanilla Extract
167g All Purpose Flour (or Gluten Free Flour)
Place the heavy cream into a bowl of a stationary mixer fitted with a whip attachment. Whip cream on high speed until thickened. Add powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Mix until combined.
pint of Strawberries
jar of strawberry jam
Take an 8 inch spring form pan apart. Use the sides of the pan to cut out two rounds from the sheet cake. Put the pan back together. 
Place one of the cakes in the bottom of the pan. Cut the tops of the strawberries off. Then cut the strawberries in half length wise. Arrange the berries into the pan so that they stand up. Use enough berries to cover the whole bottom of the cake.
Cover the entire cake in whipped cream. With an off set spatula, spread the cream around making sure that there are no spaces or air pockets.
Top the cream with the second piece of cake. Let cake sit in fridge for at least 2 hours before unmolding.
When set, take undue the pan and take of the ring. Spread a thin layer of strawberry jam on top of the cake. Add any more berries for decoration as desired. 
Pastry Chef Adrianna Robles
Isabelle Et Vincent
 1903 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824