Chef's Quick Tips: Shrimp and Lobster Wontons

This week, chef Chef Julio Genao of Prime in Stamford shows Tina Redwine how to make decadent and savory seafood and beef dishes.  
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Shrimp and Lobster Wontons                       
•    5    tbsp Wonton filling (recipe)
•    5    ea   Wonton wrappers
•    1    tsp  Egg wash
1. Place a wonton wrapper in the palm of your hand, brush half of the wrapper with egg wash. Place one Tablespoon of wonton filling in the center of each wonton. 
2. Fold the wrapper in half to create a triangle, pressing any air out that may be trapped around the filling. Fold the sides inward so that they overlap. Wet the portion where the sides meet, pinch to close and seal.
3. To cook the wontons, add one tablespoon of canola oil into a sautee pan. Place the wontons flat side down and sear on medium heat until golden brown.
4. Place a lid over the sautee pan and pour two tablespoons of water around the sides of the pan in order to create steam and steam the dumplings for about 4 minutes.
Shrimp and Lobster Wonton Filling
•    1    lb 41/50 Shrimp, peeled and deveined
•    1    oz  Butter, cold, cubed
•    1 ½ oz Cream
•    1     Tablespoon    Chives, chopped
•    3    oz  Lobster meat, cooked and chopped
•    1    Tbsp Salt
•    1     ea Egg
1.    Chop the lobster meat roughly.
2.    Using a food processor, blend the shrimp meat and the butter until a paste is formed.
3.    Remove the shrimp paste from the food processor and transfer to a large bowl. Using a spatula or spoon fold in the cream, chive, salt and lobster meat.
Chef Julio Genao
Prime Stamford